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When the prospect of becoming a Medicare beneficiary looms on the horizon, you suddenly become aware (if you're like most people) of how little you know about the program.  And can you be sure what you think is up to date and accurate?  A lot of perceptions about the program are way off base.  Often, they are gleaned from the internet or even mass emails that are misleading.  And if you've had health insurance in the past, especially from an employer, you may naturally be nervous about how Medicare coverage compares with it. 


Here are just a few of the frequent questions we are often asked.


Is Medicare free?

No, you must pay monthly Part B premium unless you qualify for low-income  
assistance  from your state. If your income is over a certain level, you pay a surcharge on your premiums.  You should Contact Social Security Administration to learn what your montly premium would be. 


As  a government-run system, will Medicare provide me with inferior care? 

No, in fact, just the opposite may be true.


Can I be denied coverage for health issues or preexisting conditions?

No, you cannot be denied.


Can I apply for Medicare coverage prior to my 65th Birthday?

The only individuals that can receive Medicare benefits are those ages 65 and older, unless undividuals with a disability  may qualify for benefits.


Will Medicare cover my younger spouse or other dependents?

No, family coverage does not exsist in Medicare - not for spouses, dependent children or other family members. Each individual must qualify separately for Medicare and pay their premiums