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We offer our clients:

  • Medicare Advatage Plans
  • Medicare Supplement (MEDIGAP) Plans
  • Health Insurance (Under Age 65)
  • Final Expense/Burial Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance

Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)




How Does Medicare PDP Work?


  • The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) is a type of insurance that helps  anyone with Medicare by  providing coverage for prescription drugs, whether generic or brand name. So if  you have costly prescriptions or need them in the future, Medicare PDP can help  take care of your needs.


Getting Covered


  • Even though having Medicare makes you eligible for the plan, there's still a  process  in order to be covered. First, you must be at least three months shy of  your 65th birthday in order to qualify. It's in your best interests to join when  you are eligible. If not, you could be penalized and face unnecessary  out-of-pocket expenses.

    You can with a  Medicare prescription drug plan, a Medicare Advantage Plan or any other Medicare  Health Plan that can cover you. Make sure to closely compare plans when making a  decision on coverage. Fortunately, enrollment is offered each year, so you have  the option of changing plans if needed. In addition, keep in mind that depending  on the plan, your premium, deductible and co-payment will  vary.